Dolphin Fencing Club

No previous experience is necessary for our beginners courses.
Courses run for 6 weeks and cost £40
All equipment is supplied free of charge.
Spaces are always limited, so please book in advance to reserve a place.

1 hour taster sessions are also available during the school summer holidays. Please contact us to enquire about availability of places.

What should you wear?

Participants should wear loose fitting top / T-shirt, loose fitting trousers/tracksuit trousers (no shorts) and training shoes without a high sole (squash / tennis shoes are ideal). 
It is also advisable to bring a bottle of water to drink.

What should you achieve? 

It is anticipated that everyone completing the course will reach Foil Grade 1 level or higher. 
Which includes :

  • Explanation of the 3 weapons (Foil, Epée, and Sabre)
  • Explanation of the Target Area for each weapon
  • Safety rules for fencing
  • the On Guard position
  • The importance of Footwork (movement)
  • How to carry the weapon
  • 4 On Guard positions (Sixte, Quarte, Septime, and Octave)
  • Simple and compound attacks
  • Lateral and Circular Parries


12 years old and over
(we will sometimes allow under 12s, but this is usually if they have previous experience in another martial art, and will require an assessment by one of our coaches)

How to Apply

Please contact us to enquire about availability of places.

NB: Payment cannot be refunded in the event of cancellation or withdrawal from the course at any time. 

If you enjoy the course and wish to continue fencing, then you can join the Dolphin Fencing Club. 
We would be happy to welcome you whether you are interested in taking your skills further to competition at local, regional and national level or just in participating in a weekly social activity in a friendly environment that keeps you fit

If you do decide to continue after the beginners' course you can still use the clubs equipment, however we advise that you purchase your own kit. There are members at the club who can advise you on the best options and can assist in obtaining prices with club discount.